An impression of the Dengfu FM098 aero carbon road frame from China.

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The frame
Together with 3 friends we decided to build our own carbon road race bike. After long research, we end up ordering the fm098 aero carbon frame from Dengfu. These 3k carbon matt frames look great and are well finished. We did face some problems with the threads of the bsa bottom bracket, cupholders and had issues fitting the seatposts, but overcoming these issues is a challenge and part of the building process :)

The Parts
With the frames - which comes including forks - we also ordered the handlebars HB005, the integrated stem and flat bars, complete the aero look. All other parts are bought locally. Although we have the lightweight in mind, the race bike should also be affordable.
Along the way, many important decisions have to be made. Spacers, Bottom bracket, crankset, cassette and if you look at aesthetics: colors. Important decision is the groupset. We went for Shimano's 105 - 5800. Higher groupsets will gain you some weight, drain your wallet but do not give you much better quality. Besides that, this black groupset perfectly matches the fm098 frame.
Wheelset is the Campagnolo Scirocco 35. You do not want to go all aero on your wheelset, unless your a time trail rider or you build your bike for looks only. Campagnolo Scirocco 35 is supposedly a great intermediate clincher. Some might think it is not possible, or would not consider combining shimano groupset with campagnolo wheelset. This is their loss, you can order the campi's with a shimano body and it looks great on the bike, imho.

The build
You can build your own road race bike with common sense, google, youtube and Shimano's dealers manual. The right tools is also a must. You definitly need a torque wrench and a special wrench for installing the bottom bracket. (For this BB you might considering though, having this done by your local bike shop.) Of course it also helps to do a build together with people how share the same passion. It is great to build your bike exactly like you want it. Having gone through the proces also means you can do your own maintenance.

The name
We baptized our bikes: SCOPA. Italians and google images know what that means :)
Check those looks of SCOPA CYCLING.

The Update
Three of our four HB005 handlebars have been returned. First, the internal wiring is not possible and if you succeed to get the cables through, the sharp angle inside gives too much friction on your cables. I kept the handlebar but positioned the cables outside. My friends didn't feel comfortable with the great amount of flex this handlebar has.
Another issue occured with my seatpost, which was too small. Along the ride it slowly went down. A question on the forum of gave me the solution to use paper and carbon paste for filling.

The million dollar question, how does the fm098 ride?
First Impression is fantastic. Handling feels direct and responsive. Shifting is also very precise.
I'm killing my segment times on Strava on a regular bases. In june 2015, we visited the French Alpes.
Also in this environment, the bike is very much at home.


Thanks Zeljko Pajic, Hylke Faas, Wietse Faas
and Mina from Dengfu for good custumor service.
Any questions or remarks.
Send me mail

All equally trained riders, only difference is their bike ;)


Gilbert Classic 2015


Alpe d'Huez / Col de la Croix de Fer / Vaujany 2015

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